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Interesting Links
These links are not organized in any specific way. I just put up a new one whenever I think it might be of interest to my students.

Samsung Mobile App Academy - Get a Samsung Note 10.1 for free!

Bioengineers Build Open Source Language for Programming Cells

Reddit AMA from the Software Engineers at SpaceX

Volunteer discovers a new 17 million-digit prime number

A Large-Scale Model of the Functioning Brain

Job Application Tips for Teens

Impact: Earth! - A website that simulates an asteroid hitting Earth. You get to choose all the parameters such as size!

Blogger Buys 1 million Facebook data entries for $5.
"Finally, the list is in a zipped excel format split into 12 sheets, each sheet containing roughly 100,000 email addresses with name, last name and facebook profile information separated with comma."

Deep Storage Project

The First Rule of Programming: It's Always Your Fault

Examples of HTML and CSS

Girls and Computer Science Event sponsored by Google and UIC

I, Genius

Google App Inventor

Longevity of USB Flash Drive

Top 10 Tips for Programmers

140 Google Interview Questions

10 Best Programming Fonts

Google Code-in (High School Programming Contest)

Showcase of Games Developed Using HTML5

Best Jobs in America

A nice Java API search tool! Courtesy of Andrew Spalding (2009-2010)

Google's Online Python Course -- Went through it myself, pretty neat.

10 Hot Computer Science Schools
(Check out slide 6)

The Making of an Expert (Born with it? Or Made into it?)

An excellent example of problem-solving and creativity working together!

Why You Shouldn't Trust Facebook with Your Data: An Employee's Revelations

Computer Science Scholarship Opportunity with UIC

The 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs Overall

10 Tips for More Effective PowerPoint Presentations

"My Job Interview at Google" by Peteris Krumins

10 Most Popular Majors and What They Pay
This was just too cool not to share.
10 Programming Proverbs Every Developer Should Know
10 Fastest Growing Jobs
10 Best Jobs